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Squeezing the most out of your training budget

11 May

Make it squeal.

It’s the first thing that goes in tough times–staff development. Just when you need your staff to work twice as hard and five times as efficiently for half the budgeted amount, you don’t have the resources to train or support them in making it happen. We are left to figure it out on our own, using the same knowledge we had the week before the budget was cut.

And let’s face it, training is a staff morale issue. People like to learn and grow and to think their organization is making an investment in them as professionals. It really doesn’t pay to cut your training budget. What the heck can you really accomplish by cutting, what $1,000 at best? You’re draining human capital and opting out of learning about new and best practices that can help your bottom line.

Still, I am the Queen of Frugal. I love a deal and my favorite price point is FREE. Fortunately, the growing trend in audioconferences and webinars can accommodate even the most miserly training budget. And even more fortunately, in this case you don’t “get what you pay for”–these sessions are high quality, super informative and inspiring.

So here are some of my favorite FREE and CHEAP online training opportunities.

  • Inbound Zombie–Social web strategies for nonprofits and small businesses: Great content. Tips and articles as well as referral links to webinars. They also offer their own highly helpful video tutorials.
  • CharityHowTo.com: Probably my favorite. Be sure to “like” them on Facebook.
  • NonprofitMarketingGuide.com: Again, get the extra bang for your $0 by following them on Facebook.
  • The Banyan Tree Project: This organization specifically exists to provide support and training to nonprofits that prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among Asians and provide help to Asians living with HIV/AIDS. But their general content is excellent and applicable to just about anyone.
  • ASPCApro.org: Again, specific to an industry–namely people employed in animal welfare work–but just as helpful to anyone else trying to raise money and stretch a buck.

I also direct you to these helpful resources from The Nonprofit Times, a terrific resource for all of us in many ways.