Is your board bored?

18 Mar
Huh? Who seconded what now?

I got an email from Gail Perry, who I had the pleasure of hearing speak at a conference last year. She shares her secrets of the 26 Practices of High Performing Boards. I thought it was pretty good, so decided to share.

In reading about these practices, I see a central theme of mindfulness, purpose and intention. I think sometimes we get so busy just keeping our heads above water with our work load and the demands of our clients, employers, volunteers and donors that we flit from task to task without being truly aware of what we’re doing or where we’re going. Or of the consequences of being so constantly reactive rather than proactive.

Gail’s 26 Practices make us aware of the areas where we may stumble–from how members come to be on our boards to how they come to understand (or misinterpret) their roles to how they interact with the organization and other board members to how they exit board service. Yow, that’s pretty important stuff. And it spans years, engraining messages about your organization into people you hope are and ought to be your biggest advocates. Hmmm, that does deserve some examination and attention.

I hope you enjoy her insights, and if you are attending the AFP International Conference in Chicago, she will be speaking on Sunday. I know there are a lot of sessions to choose from, but I think she’s a good use of your time.


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