Celebrate good times, come on!

1 Oct

The Kraut in me knows no other way to mark a special day.

Having a good week on the grant front. After a couple of disappontments last month, I started out October, my favorite month, with two big wins.

I found out a few days ago that a grant I wrote for LifeWorks, Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region and AISD for teen pregnancy prevention was funded to the tune of $3 million over five years. Not too bad! As DHHS grants go, it was pretty hairy. I won’t lie. I sweated over that one. The complexity of the RFP was compounded by having to submit using my old nemesis, Grants.gov. (I can just hear it–“Shut up about Grants.gov already!”)

On the non-Grants.gov front, I also received word that another DHHS grant I wrote for Texas CASA and DFPS was funded. This one is for diligent recruitment of foster homes for kids in several regions across Texas. This one is the baby, with only $2 million awarded over five years. It was monstrously competitive, and only five grants were awarded across the entire US. Also not bad, considering that I had food poisoning for three days out of the last week before the grant was due. (Note to self: wash lettuce carefully!)

Since I have bronchitis right now, I won’t be celebrating Oktoberfest style, but I will be getting some vanilla in my Diet Coke later this afternoon before I head to the dog park.


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