Staff expansion

2 Sep

Prospect Consulting, how may I help you?

As you may have noticed, I have been so busy that I haven’t posted in a while. The New Mean kitty and I have been burning the midnight oil, churning out grants, most of them of the government variety. That’s pretty time consuming, and the workload was getting to both of us.

So with the New Mean Kitty’s permission, I expanded our staff. The New Mean Kitty maintains her title as CEO and Head of Security and has relinquished other duties to the FLK (Funny Looking Kitty), who now serves as Receptionist and Director of Fun Times. He’s a heck of a lot nicer than either of the Mean Kitties could ever hope to be, so I’m putting him out front to meet and greet.

So far I am pleased with his performance. Overall, the New Mean Kitty is leaning toward keeping him on, although she is quick to discipline him and writes him up several times a day. Still, he is eager to please and a fast learner, so I’m inclined to let him stay.

One Response to “Staff expansion”

  1. Mitzie Mouse September 17, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

    While I have met all of the mean kitties, I must say a couple things in regards to their tenure with Prospect Consulting:

    1. The Original mean kitty was the best of the bunch. She stayed away from me, except for the occasional sniff while I pretended to sleep. She was a bit, shall I say, particular, but, all in all, a good mean kitty.

    2. The CEO, Mean Kitty 2, is just plain scary. She is hissy and spitty, and is never in a good mood. Although she stays away most of the time, she hangs over the environment like a fog, with her shivs ready. Her clown-like face is always up to something.

    3. Mr. Fun, Mean Kitty 3 is nothing but trouble. You are right to write him up a million times a day. He tumbles and jumps, hurls, and growls, and even kitty laughs all the time. He doesnt hold still and even jumped on my back while I stood minding my own business. I have it on good authority he tackles bigger kitties than him for fun! Also, of note is that he makes my doggie sister, ZoeyLou nuts. His fast movements are too much for my mentally challenged sister. She gets tied to the table and it is Mr. Fun’s fault!

    So, in closing, I would like to re-order the mean kitties. #1, Mr. FLK, #2, Liscious, and #3 Mau Mau. Thanks all I have to say about that!

    Boop! (and Zoey says, Woof!”
    Your Mouser

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