The revenge of

30 Apr

What do you mean my password doesn't work?

I know I sound like I am obsessed with Maybe I am. The few times a year I have to deal with it, I admit that I obsess. It’s just that there are so many moving parts, so many steps, so many things that can go wrong.

Today I finished up my Homeland Security grant and hit the submit button on the Adobe file to which I had attached my hard work. Enter username and password. Uh-oh. For whatever mysterious reason, did not recognize me. What is even more alarming is that you get three tries before decides you are trying to hack into someone’s account and locks you out. A very scary proposition.

No idea why. Both the username and password are case sensitive, but I know they were right since I had copied them from a Word file and pasted them into the log in page. However, be aware that when you do this, if you pick up a space before or after the text, it’s not going to work. I thought I had very carefully highlighted only the text I wanted, but who knows?

Not wanting to lock myself out, I got on the horn with the helpful people at They walked me through resetting my password so that I could be confidant about it working. To do this, you need to first verify that your username or password isn’t working. Rather than squander another try on your Adobe form, go to the applicant log in page of Type in your username and password and hit log in. If you are successful, everything is fine, you were just hasty in your attempt to submit. If not, then you need to click on either “I forgot my username” or “I forgot my password,” depending on what the issue is.

You will be asked to answer an identifying question that you selected when you set yourself up as the AOR. Get that right and you can select a new username or password. Thankfully, that did the trick and I was able to submit.

So as I sit here at 9:32pm Central (10:32 Eastern), having submitted the grant this morning, I know there are people who are still finishing up narrative and trying to make it by 11:59pm Eastern. Godspeed, and I hope your username and password work.


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