The return of

22 Apr

I haven’t talked about my nemisis in a while. Mostly because I haven’t encountered the beast lately. But my lucky streak came to an end last week. I am working on a Homeland Security grant, which must be submitted through Grants. gov. Rats.

My client seems to think that they are in the and CCR systems, having submitted a renewal application to DHHS in 2007. They think. This means that possibly we would not have to start from scratch, a  process that can take a week at best, a few weeks at worst. I will spare you the “who’s on first” conversation I had with in trying to discover if we were indeed registered. Instead, if you suspect that you may have already gone through the dreaded CCR process, what you need to do is go here to the CCR search page, drop in your DUNS number and hit search.

A word of warning: if you call and have them search for you, thinking that they can tell if you are in CCR, they will not find you. CCR and are two very separate entities.

If you are in the CCR system, your organization will come up, list your designated primary and alternate points of contact and your current status with CCR. Once you are in CCR, you are in CCR, but you must update your account annually or your status goes inactive. Our profile showed that our status expired in May 2007, so we were inactive.

This was easily remedied. All you need is your CCR username and password to log in and update your information. This is different from your username and password, so keep track of both. Well, of course we could not find ours, but not to worry. The point of contact just has to call CCR and ask for an invitation to update to be issued to them. Our POC called and was able to get a new username and password and reactivate our account, all in the same day. The invitation email came fairly quickly, in an hour or so.

From there you can go to and register your AOR. Then of course your POC has to complete the step by logging back in to CCR and assigning AOR status to the person registered in

This was all accomplished in one day, so rather than starting from square one, it is definitely worth a search first using your DUNS number.

I know this post is riddled with acronyms–for a more detailed description of the porcess, including a definition of the acronyms, see my earlier posts on the process.


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