Sending in the census form

7 Apr

Better wear gloves, they might lift your finger prints.

Get over yourself! Send it in already.

I am hearing about a growing number of people who are boycotting the census process. Their reasons, without fail, are paranoid, unfounded and well, slightly delusional.

A friend of mine is a state representative who has been preaching the census message daily. He wants his district counted. He wants his constituents to have the funding for their community that they need and deserve–and frankly, to which they are entitled.

I was shocked to see an otherwise reasonable person post an anti-census reply to a  pro-census thread on my friend’s Facebook page. Seriously? And you call yourself a democrat. If I were my friend, the state rep, I might be tempted to “un-friend” this person. In fact, I am willing to bet that this person has considerably more private information on Facebook and that their page is open to the whole world.

I think The Onion says it best.


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