It’s in our hands

18 Mar

Oh, joy! The decennial census is upon us!

Seriously, I’m excited. For real.

Earlier this week I got my census form. I am savoring it. I am filling it out slowly, enjoying the thought of MY information being melded with millions of other people to form what will be our decennial census.

There is nothing like new, fresh information. The 2000 census data is so…well, 2000. I’ve been living off of supplemental census information for five years now. Data is like fish. It has a relatively short shelf life. After about five years it starts to smell. You need fresh. Anything older than five years is kind of irrelevant. Whether its census data, studies or reports, start looking for new after five years.

The supplemental census is okay, but it’s all estimates. And not every geographic area is included and not all data is included.

Go ahead, make my day–complete and send in your census form!


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