Smooth move, Ex Lax

6 Jan

Oops!Remember saying that as a kid when someone did something overtly stupid? Well, overtly stupid happens to the best of us. Some of us more than others.

What counts is how you recover from your gaffe. Because I am someone who lacks a certain amount of physical grace, am horrible with directions and routinely lose my car in parking lots, I have a  lot of recovery experience.

My most recent “learning experience” was yesterday, presiding over my very first meeting as Chair of the Board of the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas. Long story short, I delayed the start of the meeting by about 10 minutes because I got lost coming back from the cafeteria and, to top it off, briefly got locked in a stairwell.

The only thing you can do in such a  situation is laugh about it. My lack of a sense of direction is rather embarrassing, but I learned to accept it long ago. In fact, I am a pretty good indication of where NOT to go, such that by doing exactly opposite of what I think is right will get you to your destination safely.

I came back to the board meeting and immediately announced that my first official act as Board Chair was to lock myself in a stairwell. Everyone laughed and we moved on. You just cannot take yourself too seriously.

I was a little horrified that I had delayed the meeting, but further saved face by keeping a close eye on the schedule and making sure that we adjourned on time.

Next time, I’m packing a lunch.


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