30 Sep
Oh, no.
Oh, no.

Time management is something with which I routinely struggle. It’s the nature of a deadline-driven job. You never think you have a handle on how to use your time effectively.

Because I have a long and glorious history with meeting crazy deadlines, I know just how far I can put off something and get away with it. Like cleaning my house before hosting a friend’s birthday party on Friday. Or carefully timing my milk-to-cereal ratio so that I don’t have to go to the grocery store until Saturday.
When do you procrastinate and why? If I find myself putting something off, it’s a sure sign of one of three things.
I just don’t enjoy doing it. While I like a clean house, I don’t like cleaning my house. It’s boring. It’s tedious. It never ends and seems like as soon as it’s done, it needs to be done again. My strategy for easing my dragging feet into motion is to tackle the tasks I don’t mind as much. I have one of those high efficiency front loading washers, and I  just love doing laundry. So I’m going to start with that.
I feel overwhelmed. If I can talk myself down from the panic, it helps to define the project into steps or managable tasks. If my entire house is a mess, I decide to do all the floors or just one room over the next few hours. If a large grant is troubling you, you might need to find a way to break the sucker into easily defined tasks with an end in sight. Prioritize and ground yourself. I can get away with not scaring the cob webs out of the corner behind my TV, but I really need to Swiffer those floors.
I don’t understand something about the project. Asking questions and more questions never hurts. Get clear about your project and it instantly becomes easier.

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