Accepting defeat graciously

16 Sep

Into each life a little rain must fall. And into each grant writer’s mail box a few (or many) rejection letters must fall.

I like yes. I’d rather hear yes. But it’s not always going to work out that way. In fact, I got not one, but two “no” emails today. Disappointing for sure.

What the--

So what do you do when you hear no? When you don’t get your way? When what you expected or hoped to happen just doesn’t happen?

Righteous indignation is certainly on the table, but I recommend that for a private moment. Take a little time to grieve the injustice of it all. Close the door and roll your eyes. Swear. Pound your desk.

Then dust yourself off and be gracious. Even if I get a no, I like to thank the funder for taking the time and energy to consider my request. A short email will do. Just let them know you received notification, are sorry to hear that your grant was not funded and appreciate their time and effort. You can also ask them for feedback on your proposal so that you may improve it in the future. You may not get a response, but that’s okay.

Be the one they wished they could have  funded and hope they can some time later. The one who thanked, asked and listened.

Don’t begrudge someone else their victory. They worked hard, too. They earned it.

Be gracious.


One Response to “Accepting defeat graciously”

  1. The Divine September 20, 2009 at 9:42 pm #

    Dear Mean Kitty,

    I think you are simply DIVINE.


    Another Divine One

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