Oh, Thank Heaven

5 Sep
Mmmmmmm, cherry!

Mmmmmmm, cherry!

Slooooow down.

Despite being chained to our computers, grant writers are a fast moving bunch. We work in a frenzy, meet a deadline and move on. Usually to the next deadline.

So what do you do when you get a grant? Do you stop to celebrate? Do you have a ritual? Is there some way that you reward yourself?

I think we need to build rewards into our jobs. Grant writers are largely behind the scene folk. Depending on how things turn out, we often get the blame, but seldom get the glory. Grant writing is truly a team sport, so there are plenty of people working hard to make this thing happen.

But let’s be honest. If not for us who work until the wee hours writing, formatting, following up and making sure the margins are right and the deadline is met, do you really think anything would get written and turned in? Do you get thanked? Are you appreciated?

I encourage you to find a way to celebrate your successes. It doesn’t have to be fancy–just take a moment to bask in the YES. Think about what the money you helped raise will accomplish.

I love Slurpees. I like to think they aren’t all that bad, because there’s so much air in them. Still, there has to be a lot of sugar in one of those things. So that’s my celebration ritual. I hope you’ll find one, too.


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