No bullets, no bold!

20 Aug

More on those pesky online forms. Okay, so you can’t bold, you can’t italicize, you can’t use tabs, and you can’t use bullets. What can you do?

These restrictions vex me the most when I am writing objectives. I love to use bullets to list objectives, with outputs and outcomes listed separately and indicated by headings in bold and/or italics. I think it’s easy on the eyes and gives the reader some white space. Without formatting, you have to sort of MacGyver something together.

You can still use headings, substituting a colon for formatting to set it apart. Preface each objective with an asterisk instead of a bullet. It’s not my preference, but it works. See?


* Provide food bank services to 1,000 clients each year

* Provide nutritional counseling to 500 clients each year


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