Grant Writing is a Team Sport

1 Jul

Do you find yourself writing grants in a vacuum? See if this sounds familiar: the RFP comes out, everyone gets excited–and then vanishes. You are left by yourself to make the magic happen.

Do you find yourself pressured by one lone, but insistant staff person to pursue grants that match your mission…kinda sorta? Are you stuck either writing the thing because you can’t get out of it or having a very uncomfortable conversation with someone who outranks you? Managing up is not fun.

What you need is everyone at the table together on a regular basis, sorting all of this out together. You need everyone to agree on what your agency will (and will not) pursue. You need everyone to agree on what is a priority. You need everyone to be clear about their roles and responsibilities with grant writing, ready to spring into action when a viable RFP shows up.

What you need is a Grants Team. I have instituted this approach with a few clients, and it works quite well. You can meet monthly, quarterly, whatever. Just often enough that you don’t feel alone and the other staff stay connected to the process.

I’ve attached a handy reference guide on just what a Grants Team can do for you and your agency and who should be included. The most important thing in getting everyone to agree to this is that they understand that this is the opportunity to make their voice heard and have their interests served. No more surprises, no more last minute requests to drop everything and prepare a budget. Well, I take that back–that I cannot guarantee as things do have a way of popping up. But I promise there will be less of that foolishness.


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