It’s expensive to be poor

23 Jun

A friend of mine shared this article with me, and it really resonated. In my 20+ years of working for, in and with nonprofit agencies, I have had a front row seat in seeing the reality that many people face every day. How hard it is to dig yourself out of a hole or pull up on your boot straps when you’re born in the hole or you have no boots.

Our world is not set up to allow many people to pull themselves out of poverty. I cringe when I hear people being less than sensitive–or flat out unrealistic–about others who struggle. “Get a job.” It’s not that simple. Getting a job isn’t the answer–or at least the only answer.

For everyone who is reading this blog and does something–anything–to remove barriers and hurdles. Thank you. Whether you work for a nonprofit, volunteer, make financial contributions or just do something, anything to help nonprofits help others–thank you. Thank you for getting it.


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